Coaching and Mentoring

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”

Dr Wayne Dyer


As a personal, professional & performance coach & mentor I support individuals to build their resilience and mental toughness in order to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles and challenges.

Coaching is a process of enquiry, learning and action – where an individual (the coachee) is enabled to identify the issue(s) facing them, develop an understanding and ownership of these issues, create ideas for and take their own action to address these issues.

Ownership and control, commitment to change, a willingness to accept risks and challenges and the confidence to persevere are important outcomes from the coaching process and fundamental pillars to personal and professional wellbeing.

The coaching and mentoring offered will depend on your requirements. It could include regular face to face meetings or telephone contact as often as required and at a time and place suitable to the mentee.